Memory from May

She still plays, she’s got a little fatter, I think it’s lockdown ‘spread’, I probably give the cats too many treats. When you are in a lot of the time and they ask for food, it’s easy to be lax about portion sizes. Plus the house is warm and so are the cats so they are not expending much energy. Still all three get on and seem happy. X

Two boys

On the settee… Indoor and outdoor cats are tolerating each other. These are the two boys, the girl cat sleeps upstairs. There is a bit of trouble over sleeping spots. They seem to like a spot and take it, then the other one comes along and snuggles there instead.

One thing I am trying is stroking their cheeks. Apparently the spray you can buy with pheromones to calm cats down is based on the scent they give off from the scent glands in their cheeks. So I guessed if you stroke one cats cheek, then stroke the other one it might help. It’s certainly helped them get used to each other..

Hmm. Almost bedtime, will I have to get u to let outdoor boy out later? We will see….

Curled up cat


He’s curled up,

Happy, warm, snug.

The stray cat outside has a box

Sleeps in the shed.

My cat sleeps where he likes.

So sad.

The stray needs a home,

A place to be warm.

My cat won’t accept him.

Looked for its owner..

Gone away.

Now it needs shelter,

While my cat is happy.

It’s time for the stray,

To get a warm bed…..

My dilemma is how to do it?