Cat integration isn’t going well.

Digital drawing of a cat.

Hubby decided it would be a good idea to bring the outside cat in, so he bought it into the living room. But it was not happy and struggled out of his grip. Our boy cat followed him as he’s friendly, but the outside cat turned round and hissed and swiped at him. I showed him where the cat flap was. He scarpered. Then as our female cat came to look at what was happening by the backdoor the abandoned cat lashed out again, this time from outside the cat flap. Result three confused and upset cats! So next time we will try a more gentle integration.

2 thoughts on “Cat integration isn’t going well.

  1. Naww bless. Must be a weird experience for them all I guess. Not up on cats but as a dog person that’s familiar with adapting outside dogs to indoor pets I’d maybe try another time with the doors open if you can? Might just give outside cat the option to come in without feeling boxed in and trapped and it might help your inside cats feel less threatened by him stepping on their toes.

    Cats are sods though my dogs are regularly terrorised by a neighbour’s cat George it won’t let them pass his house without chasing the pair of them along the lane!!


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