Two cats, one chair arm

They were queueing up to see me today. Poddling (kneeding) my knee. I am so glad they tolerate each other. Black and white filter for black and white cats. You can’t tell but the cat on the right is twice as big as the one on the left. But he’s no bully. He does go outside more than the smaller on. But today peace rained. Then later our girl cat came up and poddled too. Good day x


Indoor and outdoor boys are getting closer to each other. They slept about a foot apart for about an hour tonight. Now outdoor boy is sitting in the arm of my chair and purring loudly. I stroked his chin and he dribbled on my hand. He’s not quite used to being stroked though. I think he doesn’t want to be disturbed, just to he allowed to sleep in the warm. My indoor cats love being fussed. He’s settled again. I think he might sleep now.

Two boys, one sofa

It’s happening, the two boy cats tolerate each other enough to share the settee!

The time we have taken gradually introducing them over the last few weeks. Indoor and outdoor cat are within a meter of each other…. They might be at either end of the settee but the outdoor cat had to jump up past the indoor one. No hissing, no spitting! Great



Cat hiding, but not very well. His eyes give him away. Golden and gleaming. He’s getting well fed and sleeps in the shed. I’m trying to get our own cats inoculated so they can go out in the garden and meet him. I hope they will all get on. Then he will have to go to the vets and be inoculated too. The plan is by winter this abandoned cat will be part of the family. We can’t get anyone else to take him in and he deserves a home. In the meantime he’s having a good life.


Three years ago


The kittens were starting to grow, getting ready to pack their bags and move in with their new parents.

I came across this photo today. They were so mischevious. The one with the black mask is still called Bandit, the new owners changed the other ones name.

I sometimes see photos of the two girl kittens, but I’ve lost track of how the boys are doing. Their mum and uncle are still here safe with us.


He’s still here..


The abandoned cat that we have been looking after is still here. There was a couple who almost took him, but decided we were too attached to him for them to take him. He still lives in the shed because we have two indoor cats who won’t get in their cat basket to be inoculated! Hence cats staring at each other through the cat flap. The outdoor cat has a box surrounded by straw to help keep him snug. But we decided to put a small electric oil heater in the shed to help keep him warm on very cold nights. He can get in and out, and because there is nothing of value in the shed we are happy to leave the door slightly ajar. Hopefully by later this year he will be rehomed x