Paint dots abstract on a tiny canvas. I used little glittery paint tubs with nozzles to build this up on a tiny canvas . It is not meant to signify anything. Instead it’s just an experiment. I wanted to see how much the paint would shrink as it dried. The paint is acrylic with added glitter/sparkles or a metallic effect. I don’t have a title for it.

Holly in sunlight

I did this painting a few months ago in metallic watercolours which are lovely, but I can’t find them now. I wanted to use them a few times but I think I put them somewhere ‘safe’ but I have so much art stuff, old paints, pencils, pens, that sometimes I can’t find them. Yes buying to many art supplies is bad. It’s consuming too much perhaps, but I try and balance that with other purchases.

I want to try and paint on black paper and I thought these metallic paints would stand out better against it. I shall go on a hunt for them. My idea is to paint gleaming frosty leaves to celebrate the autumn chills.

Comfy challenge


A sketch of my very old, but very comfy, pink slippers. Used metallic acrylic paint over the sketch, then added more details in pen over the top.

This was today’s challenge with #uskstoke today. It’s not my best sketch or painting, it’s a bit dark, and you can’t really see the metallic paint. But it was fun to do, and after all, why not?


Fork draw


Things to do at a loose end… I was asked to try and draw something with a fork for a Facebook group, I don’t know whether anyone else had a go? .. Well it ended up being a sort of forking cat! It was fun, but the acrylic paint didn’t make much of a mark, I tried adding water and then it splodged!

No doubt I will be posting more weird images as the days go on.