A building with red safety rails began to be built two years or so years ago. This steel skeleton was erected within a few weeks. But then Covid struck. Work stopped and never resumed. Instead we are left with an unbuilt block of studio flats.

There is nothing to indicate who the owners are or whether it will be completed. Bits of metal are strewn in the base of the building including a battered wheelbarrow. The security fencing and security gates have been severely damaged and the site is accessible through the broken gate. Whenever it is completed I hope it will be better than the current site.

Dawn through the trees

As the leaves fall the supporting scaffold of the tree branches and the new building skeleton across the road are becoming more visible. That building was being built in the early part of last year, but in March all work stopped. So it remains, almost, but not quite, built. When it is it will cut out the sunrise on winter mornings, shading out our rising star. I may get some of the lower branches of the trees cut back so that more light can get in. Maybe one day the building will be finished?



Funny what you can find in a pub. This skeleton is plastic and sits in the corner of a local pub, next to the fire. I called the drawing the regular, he has been there for a few years. There is also a pretend skeleton of a dog behind him. Also you can see the top of a guitar next to him. That’s because I drew this on music night. The sketch pad is about 4 inches square and I have a drawing from 1995 in it of a place called Winnats pass in Derbyshire. _20190222_235651

I’m tired because I’ve been at the panto all evening so this is a  very short blog post and also a short poem