Well actually clothes horse with clothes on. At 3am this morning I was feeling rough, sore throat and achy so I decided to get up and draw. This was sketched in tippex and metallic pens on black paper. Photograph was late at night under electric light. I could take another photo but don’t feel well enough.

Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was clothes.


photodirector and layout apps

A doodled mandala and adjustments in photodirector to add lens flare and playing with the drawn lines (gold and silver pens on black cartridge paper).

I wanted to cover the paper in patterns, it started out as a reasonably balanced pattern at the centre, but I soon went off on a tangent!


A proper cup of Tea.

Quick watercolour sketch of my brown Bessie tea pot and a mug of Tea. It started out as a graphite pencil sketch but you couldn’t really see it against the black paper so…. I filled in some of it, I made up some of it. I was going to leave some of it black but I used washes of dark blue and dark red to give it more oomph.

Art is fun, art let’s you free yourself, creativity can be good for you.

Neighbourhood 2, #bandofsketchers prompt

Today’s prompt was neighbourhood again, to give us the chance to expand (and possibly join up) with Sundays and Thursdays sketches.

This is the view across the road from my front food. Dark cloud lowering, sun hitting coloured leaves, painted in watercolours on black paper. I used white watercolour from a tube to try and cover the black paper. The other colours had to have white mixed in so that I could get the colours to show up on the black paper. I’m quite pleased with the result.