Stop bringing me presents!

I don’t want a mouse

Or a frog

Bought in alive

To scurry or croak.

Caught with a fishing net

For goldfish

And put out again.

I don’t want that bee!

Keep it for yourself

Or a wasp

You surreptitiously

Sneak in

For my pleasure

Take that shrew away

At least hedgehogs are spiky

So they won’t be dropped

At my feet

With a smug purr!

There you go!

Here’s my rent!

Cat outside the summerhouse

25.5.20, I drew our then outside cat outside the summerhouse where he used to sleep. Now the bushes have grown up and hubby has stored bikes in there. I’ve hardly been out this year. Too cold and wet, and it’s overgrown around it. We need to prune plants but my arm is not very strong and the muscles ache.

I don’t want the place to fall to rack and ruin. I must make more of an effort. I didn’t realise how much this pandemic could take out of you physically despite not catching the virus (hopefully never) I just wish things were better. Not just here, but everywhere. Goodness knows what atrocities are happening in Ukraine. Trucks are stuck on the motorway going to Dover while ferries are held up for health and safety deficiencies. Crops are rotting in fields, de to various problems including lack of workers because of Covid. Meanwhile our Prime minister and Chancellor have been fined for attending parties, when they had bought in laws to stop the public meeting up at parties – or stopping relatives visiting their loved ones who were dying of Covid. Many bad things, mad things, stupid things. I despair of people!

Hubby’s mad boat

After struggling for a couple of weeks to get this toy speedboat working the boat was transformed into a combination DIY SOS and Waterworld/MadMax theme. (He’s used up most of my cotton to hold the sails up). He thinks he might put it on the lake in the park or on the canal. I’ve suggested it needs a string adding to the front so if it gets caught in weed he can get it out….. I like the way he’s added sails that rake backwards, but I wouldn’t want to sail in it, especially in a choppy sea!

Saggars and pots

A photo from the British Ceramics Biennial last year. Rain washed spode site glistening in the sunlight.

Missing being able to visit places and see things. Even after a couple of days it looks like they are going to increase local lockdowns and prevent more transmission of the virus.

And yet we see images of people without masks, or wearing them as some sort of decorative chin strap. While the head of one of the greatest countries in the world gets to throw possibly contaminated masks into a baying, maskless crowd.

Crazy, mad, sad.

Panic buying


You know when the world has gone mad when all the toilet paper has gone off the shelves in the supermarket and you have to DRAW a loo roll.

And yet the question is WHY? The virus that is going round makes you have a temperature and a dry cough, followed by possible pneumonia and heart and liver problems in severe cases. There is no detail of upset stomachs? I was listening to the radio and they were saying it’s just the human psyche, big packets of toilet roll look important, so people buy them. It’s the siege mentality, if you are going to have to ‘self isolate’ it is important to have enough food and supplies in to last for a couple of weeks. But, sometimes we humans go a bit mad. One truck at the Blackwall tunnel (which runs under the Thames) was stopped by the highways department because it was overloaded. When they opened it up it was crammed with toilet paper. The driver got a £300 fine.


Have you opened the window again?


Ooh its cold in here?

Have you opened the window?


Well I wanted fresh air!

So go outside!

You are heating up the atmosphere…

It’s minus 5 out there..

That’s why you’re wearing your coat in the house?

And the heating is on full…

And the extra heaters are on…

Are you mad?

Is it any wonder I get annoyed?