Hubby’s mad boat

After struggling for a couple of weeks to get this toy speedboat working the boat was transformed into a combination DIY SOS and Waterworld/MadMax theme. (He’s used up most of my cotton to hold the sails up). He thinks he might put it on the lake in the park or on the canal. I’ve suggested it needs a string adding to the front so if it gets caught in weed he can get it out….. I like the way he’s added sails that rake backwards, but I wouldn’t want to sail in it, especially in a choppy sea!

One thought on “Hubby’s mad boat

  1. That looks great!! If he takes it out I’d get a long line (like a dog training lead) rather than string it might snap if it gets caught up in reeds and weeds.

    Reminded me of this video someone took of his RC submarine in the local lake and he captured his dog “chasing” ducks. Oh God I laughed so hard at this.


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