Panic buying


You know when the world has gone mad when all the toilet paper has gone off the shelves in the supermarket and you have to DRAW a loo roll.

And yet the question is WHY? The virus that is going round makes you have a temperature and a dry cough, followed by possible pneumonia and heart and liver problems in severe cases. There is no detail of upset stomachs? I was listening to the radio and they were saying it’s just the human psyche, big packets of toilet roll look important, so people buy them. It’s the siege mentality, if you are going to have to ‘self isolate’ it is important to have enough food and supplies in to last for a couple of weeks. But, sometimes we humans go a bit mad. One truck at the Blackwall tunnel (which runs under the Thames) was stopped by the highways department because it was overloaded. When they opened it up it was crammed with toilet paper. The driver got a £300 fine.


8 thoughts on “Panic buying

  1. LOL, yeah, the toilet paper run is funny. There are cases of the Covid 19 Coronavirus that have diarrhea though. I know it was quite common in Chinese cases, not sure about other countries.


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