Cat outside the summerhouse

25.5.20, I drew our then outside cat outside the summerhouse where he used to sleep. Now the bushes have grown up and hubby has stored bikes in there. I’ve hardly been out this year. Too cold and wet, and it’s overgrown around it. We need to prune plants but my arm is not very strong and the muscles ache.

I don’t want the place to fall to rack and ruin. I must make more of an effort. I didn’t realise how much this pandemic could take out of you physically despite not catching the virus (hopefully never) I just wish things were better. Not just here, but everywhere. Goodness knows what atrocities are happening in Ukraine. Trucks are stuck on the motorway going to Dover while ferries are held up for health and safety deficiencies. Crops are rotting in fields, de to various problems including lack of workers because of Covid. Meanwhile our Prime minister and Chancellor have been fined for attending parties, when they had bought in laws to stop the public meeting up at parties – or stopping relatives visiting their loved ones who were dying of Covid. Many bad things, mad things, stupid things. I despair of people!

2 thoughts on “Cat outside the summerhouse

  1. It’s hard not to despair, but I remind myself there are many good people who feel as I do and still care about the world and each other. They’re (we’re) still here! We’re just not featured on the news. Too much telly and not enough interaction has made it hard to stay positive for me too.
    Your observation about what the fallout for our physic fitness has turned out to be is very astute. I’ve finally got my motivation back somewhat, and I’ve been getting out for walks. I’ve had to bundle up and dance between rain showers, but I feel so much better. It would be easier if the spring weather was not exceptionally wet and cold.
    Birds and blooms say it’s going to get better very soon. Hang in there!

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