Oh to be a happy pear,

Sitting on an old blue stair.

Or an apple with a smile,

Laughing and joking all the while.

What a jape

To be a grape.

And even when the sun don’t shine,

Have a drink with lots of lime.

Maybe even eat a lemon

And then again a small persimmon.

But never ever be an orange,

Cause there’s no rhyme to go with it!



A continuation of my theme on colours. Lime green seems to mean food to me. I have tried to write a poem about it. Its made me want a curry!

Lime is green, lime as jelly

Lime tastes nice inside my belly.

Lime with gin, lime and lemon,

Lime a sorbet, lime juice with salmon.

Lime is acid, sharp, zesty,

Lime is sweet and lime is tasty.

Lime the colour of new leaves,

Lime is shimmering, cool as a breeze.

Lime is good with chilli too….

Lime pickle burns my mouth anew.