Abstracting Angles

Take a picture and twist it,

Mix it,

Turn it round and bend it,

Don’t mend it.

Shake it up,

Blend it.

Shape that space,

No disgrace to fix it.

Give it Grace,

Make a place,

New is ace.

Change its face.

There’s no race,

Just keep up your pace.

Spin that pic,

Twin that pic,

Win that pic.

Love that pic.

That pic is sick!

(A possible Rap) x

The live and dead tree


The live and dead tree sits hard on the ground.

One twist of bark still attached…

Like Ivy clinging to the trunk,

Twisted knotted rope like round and taut.


Green leaves, large and serrated, sprout out,

Twigs and branches caught in the embrace,

Dead wood holds up life to the sun,

Wise, wide trunk so aged.


How did you die?

We’re you struck, hit, broken, by wind or storm?

Did you find disease in your skin?

Is the clinging umbilicus of your wooden baby your clone?


Your age is ancient, your body skeletal.

Your upper limbs and branches peeled of all skin.

But still you sit hard on the ground,

Immortal, in a way reborn.



I did another doodle today, just because I can I guess. I wanted to do something bright and colourful. Something cheerful during this hot spell of weather.

Primary colours with a touch of green and orange to brighten up my day. A tiny bit of black for contrast….curves like a fountain give a flourish to the doodle.

I’ve explained I the past what apps I use, I don’t want to bore you again!

Sometimes I can see animals in these patterns, today I think I see cats or dogs…I used to see patterns in old wallpaper and curtain patterns. There is apparently a name for it but I cannot remember what it is.

All the best and have a good weekend!



What makes the world go round? How do we experience time? What is a premonition?

Some people pretend to prognosticate, be aware of portentous events before they happen. Other people do not give these ideas credence, or use logic to work out what is actually happening.

On a few occassions something will happen that I thought of the day, hour or minute before. For instance yesterday I remembered hearing a radio play with a particular character in several months ago. Today another play with the same character was on the radio….it made me quite confused. Could it be I had had a premonition? When I look back on my life I can remember other instances when I knew something was going to happen. Almost as if Time was playing in reverse, so I knew because it had already happened?

Then the sceptic in me woke up. Perhaps I had heard a trailer for the play on the radio yesterday but only on a subconscious level? Maybe other premonitions were coincidences. Although I can’t explain when I dreamt that I would meet some friends on a cycle ride and have to take shelter from a storm in a bus shelter? That actually did happen!

Weird, maybe something to do with quantum entanglement. But thats another story. This thing has never allowed me to predict lottery numbers or winners of horse races. Although I do win more than my fair share of raffle prizes!

Colouring books….

2018-07-24 23.53.17

My partner is not an artist, but he does enjoy art, so he has started colouring adult art books. The themes in them don’t seem to have progressed much more than in children’s books, but they do allow him to relax by concentrating on a subject.

The art in the books appears to have been drawn with a bit more skill, and if you choose something with a specific theme they appear to be of higher quality. He recently bought himself one based on the Lord of the Rings books.

I dont know how anyone else feels about this? Is colouring inĀ  a book an art form? Is the artist the person who draws out the initial image or the person shading in the image?

I guess its like old fashioned painting by numbers….however it is a hobby for those who want to engage in artistic projects.

It would be interesting to see how an artist tackled filling in the pictures. Would they use traditional felt pens, or more interesting methods such as acrylics, oil paints, different types of charcoal or even collage and gold leaf. Turning something which is mundane into a spectacular rainbow of colours.

So maybe that is a challenge. To take one of these books and transform it into a true piece of art….



If you search blitzortung on the internet you get taken to a site en.blitzortung.org

This is a real time lightning display around the world.

There are several maps, so you can hone down the areas you want to see, for instance to North or South America, or Asia. Then you can refine your search even more, down to particular countries or States.

The site shows you where lightening has struck over the last couple of hours, the colours of the strikes changes from white (within the last 20 minutes) to deep red for one’s that happened a couple of hours before. You can choose to see where the detectors are which are picking up the lightening signals, and also include sound, so you hear a click for every strike. Its almost as if the thunder is happening in sequence sometimes, as if one strike cascades to another strike over vast distances…

I like this site because its free, you can see if storms are coming your way. You can also see storm fronts developing and moving over countries. It’s just interesting!

My only quibble is that only capital cities or state capitals are marked on the maps. I’ve looked at another web page that does pretty much the same thing but the maps have more info. But when I realised they were getting their information from this site I just reverted back to blitzortung…

Light Dino


You glow in the dark to light my way….

Triceratopsically whimsical

Moonlit Dino, horned and frilled,

plastic printed 3d pet.

Your noble stance hides a part of your leg.

Broken off foot, you hobble across the cattle grid trivet

On top of the microwave…

How do you light my way?

Unique l.e.d light, recharged through a usb port.

Your battery flat now after a night on the tiles.

Left on by mistake to light the way of hunting cats,

tigerish moggies that stalk their catnip prey…

So my millions of year old pal, I shall renew your light,

Recharge , rebuild, modern but also ancient

Dino, Tri, Cera, you are Tops!