In memory of Tig


This is a digital drawing I did of my old cat called Tig.

He was a stray, and turned up one day at our back door. Our other cat Casey had died following a road traffic accident so we were happy to give him a home .

Tig was a character, he was very friendly and fun, his one fear was of the window cleaner. He would always run and hide when the man came round next door. Whether it was the rattle of his bucket, or his ladder, Tug would absent himself until the man had gone.

He was a climber and loved the trees in our garden. He would sometimes climb up the goat willow tree on the corner of the garden and jump to a neighbouring roof to sunbathe.

Life was sunny for Tig. He loved a fuss, and he had such a cute face. I even started doing tiny drawings on a website called Youdraw that I called “the adventures of Tig”. I didn’t write it for long but people knew about him and liked him.

Then, well , the day came when he didn’t come home after the window cleaner had been. We had put posters up when Casey went missing, and on the following day when he still hadn’t come back I decided to do some posters and print them off. But before I did them I visited the neighbour because Tig used to go in his house for a fuss…….

As I walked out of his front door I saw Tig curled up outside our front door. I rushed over to him, but he wasn’t moving. As I got close I could see he wasn’t breathing.

I didn’t understand how he got there. Then my partner came out of the house. He had been looking for me. He explained he had found Tig in our garden, and realised he had died. He didn’t want me to see him straight away because I would be upset so he had left Tig outside while he went in to get me.

He did not know I was at the neighbours, and was upset that I had found the cat. It was a horrible, sad, day.

It seems that Tig may have been poisoned. We contacted the vet, but they told us even if they did an autopsy we would not know where he had picked it up.

Tig is buried in our garden, under the goat willow. I still miss him.

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