I thought I would try and write a quick story for you….

Extruded tubes appeared before me, alien, moving like snakes towards me. Garish colours assaulted my eyes. Where was it from, what was it?

It flowed down from the sky one summer night, plastic, solid, opaque. Hidden from view in the forest until dawn light caught its curves. Like a gigantic chrysalis the shell began to split. Each tube containing an arm or a leg. Crawling out from its cocoon.

The weight and mass of the creature made the ground shake and tremble. Trees toppled around it as it raised its glistening body up to the sky. Woodland animals fled from it as its huge bulk shrieked as it moved. Yellow fluid steamed and it oozed from the monster. No shape like this had ever stood on Earth  before.

I cannot describe it, it did not resemble anything I had ever seen before. The only conclusion I could guess at was that it might be part of an invasion ? But what could it want?

The massive bulk moved closer to me. I had the intense feeling that it was trying to communicate. A gap opened in the side closest to me….

“Got any cheese?” It asked…..

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