Hubby drawing

He’s still colouring in the book although it’s 2.30am. So I did a very quick sketch of him drawing (five minutes). He’s got his own style. But that doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that he’s doing it which is good. It gives him focus and flow. It’s great to see him doing it.

I just watched a programme about the life of the artist Bob Ross and how he taught art in America in the 1980’s & 1990’s. He sadly died at a young age.

Art is sometimes therapy. It is a good thing. I would encourage people to take it up.

Colouring books….

2018-07-24 23.53.17

My partner is not an artist, but he does enjoy art, so he has started colouring adult art books. The themes in them don’t seem to have progressed much more than in children’s books, but they do allow him to relax by concentrating on a subject.

The art in the books appears to have been drawn with a bit more skill, and if you choose something with a specific theme they appear to be of higher quality. He recently bought himself one based on the Lord of the Rings books.

I dont know how anyone else feels about this? Is colouring in  a book an art form? Is the artist the person who draws out the initial image or the person shading in the image?

I guess its like old fashioned painting by numbers….however it is a hobby for those who want to engage in artistic projects.

It would be interesting to see how an artist tackled filling in the pictures. Would they use traditional felt pens, or more interesting methods such as acrylics, oil paints, different types of charcoal or even collage and gold leaf. Turning something which is mundane into a spectacular rainbow of colours.

So maybe that is a challenge. To take one of these books and transform it into a true piece of art….