Thursdays #bandofsketchers prompt was seclusion. I was secluded for about 20 hours when my phone battery started to overheat. I took it to the phone shop but it was closed, but I went back later and got a replacement. The pattern on this is meant to be a design for a phone case. Just taking something positive out of a difficult day x


I was cooking an evening meal and decided to open a bottle of rosé brut wine to go with it. It was very warm in the kitchen, but I didn’t think much about it as I took the wine out of the fridge. I peeled off the foil round the neck and loosened the wire around the cork. Then I had to check the food, stir it, add herbs. Suddenly…


The cork had come flying out of the bottle, wine started to bubble out of the bottle all over the kitchen counter. I had to mop it up. I think about a quarter of the bottle was gone! It just shows how hot it was. Next time the wine is staying in the fridge till the food is ready!


Could it be a cosmic collision that eradicates humanity? Like the dinosaurs millions of years ago. But we seem so good at surviving as a species I doubt we could all be killed off. I’m in a performance soon about how humans have destroyed other species and the environmental destruction we are responsible for.

I added scratches and grunge to this photo in Photodirector, then changed it from colour with a black and white filter on Instagram. I thought of adding text to this. Maybe it would work but it might be a bit twee.

Bed soon

suddenly at twelve the world went bang! Let’s just say it, people are glad that 2020 is over!

Bang! The neighbours set off fireworks, then the other neighbours set off theirs, soon the sky was full of bangs and crashes. Luckily our outdoor cat was in on the bed. It’s now just after 1 am and he’s gone out!

Goodnight and best wishes for the future.

🌰 Chesnuts

Memory from seven years ago on Facebook. Hubby decided to bake some Chestnuts- but they were not cooked so he put them back in the oven- 10 minutes later- BANG! One had exploded, he was shouting ow- so I came down to find him taking the roasting dish out of the oven- and using my jumper as an oven glove, he proceeded to try and break them open first with the garlic press, then with the nutcrackers- the chestnut did not pop- it exploded all over the work surface, I grabbed some kitchen towel and we used that to wrap the superheated chestnuts to break them open….