I broke the oven?


When I got in from choir last night my hubby was standing in the kitchen looking perplexed. He had some bread dough in a tin because he’d decided to make a loaf. He had attempted to light the oven but it would not light. It’s a double oven with a small oven/grill at the top and a main oven. He was convinced we would have to contact the shop we got it from or get hold of a repair service. I said let me have a look…

What I saw was an egg timer symbol and another one of a casserole dish. I tried pressing the ignition. Nothing happened. I looked again at the clock display. It was several hours out? Something was clearly wrong. I asked him if he had pushed any buttons? Yes to set the timer. I looked again and realised there must be a delayed start on the main oven as it showed a casserole dish shape with a little clock face on it. I dialled that down to zero, and the egg timer down to zero. Then I tried the ignition again… It lit! I checked why the top oven was blowing out hot air… He had the grill on with the door closed and he had thought the heat had been from the main oven, so he didn’t understand why the bread hadn’t started to cook. Finally he put the dough back in the oven. The resulting loaf (which is nice and tasty) is in the photo…

Apple lattice pie


This is my part cooked pie!

I will add a photo when its cooked. I’m pretty sure it will have a soggy bottom. I’m using pre made puff pasty and some eating apples we got last week that needed using up. I lined a glass pie dish with foil and used butter to stop the pastry sticking. I had raised up the sides of the pastry and bent them in at the top over the top of the apples. I have put it in the oven on gas mark 7 for half an hour.

I can’t eat much sugar so have used a synthetic sugar substitute but because the apples are quite sweet I only used a couple of teaspoons of it.

Used one egg to glaze it, then realised there was too much so poured the rest into the pie through the holes in the roughly made lattice!  So basically it’s thrown together, and with the puff pastry it might be a bit flaky!

Will edit when its cooked!


Cooked a little bit burnt…….

Now to make custard!