The loudest miaow!

I was sitting in the living room tonight and instead of tapping at the cat flap like he normally does, our adopted cat gave an enormous miaow/yowl. I could hear him above the TV!

He then came in, had some food and drink, sat by my feet for a few minutes, purring very loudly then: Miarowwww… He’s up and wants letting out again. That cat has got powers of persuasion! No doubt he will be back in an hour or so.



She’s small, she’s bright,

She’s funny, she’s nice

Black and white,

Cool as ice.

Plays with toys

And catnip mice.

Grace’s has to run

And chases her brother,

Till she’s won.

Gives lots of purrs

And miaows for fun,

She’s my cat,

A cheeky one!

Not a very profound poem, just what I was thinking while looking at these photos of her.