Learning the trumpet


This is the finger positions fit the New world symphony that Im trying to learn. I can get the lower notes ( I still need to learn which notes are which). One thing with loud music being played outside is that no one can hear the notes I’ve been murdering in here!

I need to get my lips stronger to get a good embouchure. Practice is the only way to do it. At the moment the air escapes from the side of my mouth instead of going down the trumpet. Then there is the moisture from your breath. That’s why you have drainage holes to let it out.

Anyway maybe I will learn it well enough to play to people? We will see.



Photo of part of my lunch. I just liked the fruit and peel against the table top pattern. Isn’t it fab that the white lines on the table seem to mirror the segments of the fruit?

Its been a busy day, discussing a mural proposal, then having lunch, then off to a trumpet lesson ( the first for months) I’m learning a partĀ  of the new world symphony. Now I’ve got to get ready to go out for the opening of the three counties open exhibition as I managed to get a painting into it. I’m pleased because it’s chosen from submissions from artists in Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire and is onĀ  at Burslem School of Art, Queen Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent for a month. …

So a bit of a boring fruit based blog… Sorry!