The black and grey ones could be turned into prints to go on bags, badges, coasters or tee shirts. That’s what I would like to do, create designs for printing onto things including cards.

I was contacted a few years ago by a company that would have done it for me. But when I looked into the ratings for them they were not good. People were not getting things delivered on time. Artists were not being paid. The quality of the printing was not up to scratch. I decided against working with them but I would like the opportunity to do something like that. I’m chatting with a friend about what to do.

Goodnight, x

Finding butterflies 🦋

Sometimes I see something and I know it could be morphed into something else. Here I took a picture of railway lines and turned it into a pattern for a butterfly.

It also appears to me like a horses head tipped down and facing right. I might have a go at morphing it into that image.

Patterns spark my interest. As a child I woukd make faces and animals by looking closely at patterned wallpaper  or see dragons or Pegasus in the clouds.

I’m glad  a dreamer. I would encourage anyone to look at the shapes around them. Pattern is embedded in the Universe. You only have to look at the spiral shell of a snail to imagine galaxies or whirlpools.


Scarf design


Playing with pattern again, I created this digital drawing of what could be a paisley patterned scarf.

I like the idea of an intensely coloured swirl at the center and a red border. But the outer edges would be black so it would appear to be floating in space, in fact if I added a few tiny dots it would look even more like that.

The simple power of computers is amazing. People have such creativity at their fingertips.


Doodling digitally

Oh I do love swirling things about, colour, playing with shapes, to me this is fun. Like creating a painting, but digitally.

Subtle changes of colour and shading add depth, adding the alterations together give an idea of metamorphosis. All these can be created from a few apps.

I don’t know what digital art is out there, except for pictures created by David Hockney of digital portraits and the woods close to his home when he was living in Yorkshire a few years ago. I went to see them exhibited at Salts Mill in Saltaire, Yorkshire.

I think that digital art will progress and change. I look forward to seeing it.



It’s a bank holiday Sunday and normal service has resumed (it’s raining) whether the weather on bank holiday Monday improves again? Well the forecast says it will.

So anyway I thought you might like an interesting fact?

Raindrops are apparently not teardrop shaped! I guess we think they are because they speed by so fast, persistence of vision (the way our eyes track things) mean that they blur together so they look long and thin….Like, er, teardrops….. or raindrops trickling down a window as they smear themselves against the glass, wetting and sliding at the same time.

So what do raindrops really look like? On slow motion cameras they resolve into little oblate spheroids….Like little tangerine shaped water droplets, that’s because air resistance squashes them up slightly in the direction of travel.

Trouble (or not) is that I’m sure people will carry on drawing them as teardrop shapes because thats how they look to us….


2007 digital drawings…

I’ve been doing digital drawings for over 10 years now, here are some from then. I can’t remember what platform I was using, but I think it may have been Sketchfu which is now defunct.

I was a moderator there for several years and it could be quite hard work sometimes. Trying to prevent people upsetting each other, banning trolls, and deleting rude or racist comments. I had to be very diplomatic. I was also moderating another site at the time, so it took up a lot of spare time.

Even so I drew thousands of drawings on both sites. I just can’t help drawing, and I’m very interested in all sorts of art styles.

I would like to find another site to draw at, drawing in apps is OK but you can’t spark off what other people are doing. The camaraderie of drawing with other artists, doing drawing challenges, and drawing to a theme is what I was really interested in.

I downloaded a lot if the drawings and if I can access some of them I will post more here.