Finding butterflies 🦋

Sometimes I see something and I know it could be morphed into something else. Here I took a picture of railway lines and turned it into a pattern for a butterfly.

It also appears to me like a horses head tipped down and facing right. I might have a go at morphing it into that image.

Patterns spark my interest. As a child I woukd make faces and animals by looking closely at patterned wallpaper  or see dragons or Pegasus in the clouds.

I’m glad  a dreamer. I would encourage anyone to look at the shapes around them. Pattern is embedded in the Universe. You only have to look at the spiral shell of a snail to imagine galaxies or whirlpools.


I like morphing drawings

You want to doodle, create, make mark’s? Then maybe a free app like ArtRage oils is for you.

Four pens, and a rainbow of colours which can be plain or metallic allows you to play and express yourself.

The colours do tend to smudge, like working with wet in wet paint, but you do get some interesting effects. Sometimes it can look like oil paint put on with a palette knife, or brushed thickly over a canvas.

I have tried quite a few apps, but this is one I keep coming back to. I guess because it is simple to use, and can be altered by building up layers.

You have to save the painting, then click share option, and export, which allows you to save the file to a sharable format. I’m not a computer expert but I have found if I don’t choose the share option I can’t find them on my tablet picture files!


You can see a series of drawings that I have done, gradually changing them. I ended up adding the horse’s head because of the two circles at the top left hand side of the next to last drawing.

Anyway enough blogging for tonight!