Colour palette

Today’s #30daysketchbookchallenge was paint.

I’d got a swatch card to fill in with my metallic paints I got for Christmas. I filled in the colours in the set and also some normal watercolours I already have.

Then I painted the water brush that comes with the set (you suck water up into it), finally I posed the question… But is it art?

This will mean nothing to some of you!

Today’s #30daysketchbookchallenge is the number 7. What could I do? I couldn’t resist doing a quick sketch of the old head judge of Strictly Come Dancing. Len Goodman. His catch phrase was ‘I’ll give it Seven!’

I didn’t have much time to do this so it’s a quick sketch portrait, not forgetting his paddle with the famous 7 on it….

A bit skewiff but fun….


OK, day 3 drawing, my favourite type of biscuit
Tried to do the writing but I need better felt pens to get round the lettering…

I also need fresh pens, a lot of them are drying up. My hubby is using them too so they have done well to keep going.

It’s hard to draw images with lettering, I probably need some making fluid. I’ve never used it. Might get some.