For todays prompt for #bandofsketchers ‘agricultural’ I have drawn a mediaeval style of peasant sowing seed. I don’t think I could attempt a combine harvester or a tractor at the moment.

I have got to delete some of my images again I’m afraid. I hit 100% of my storage at WordPress so if you find any posts without pictures you will know why!

Long poppy painting idea

You can’t see this very well but I’ve pencilled in some poppies on this long thin canvas.

It’s going to be a poppy painting, with poppies scrolling down a long thin canvas. I want to evoke art nouveau, those tiles that were placed on either side of fireplaces. I will have a look at the style of the kind of artwork. When I’ve filled in some of the colours I will show another version. My idea is to make something subtle and beautiful.

I saw a horse

I saw a horse in my digital drawing from earlier. It’s funny but I didn’t see it until I looked at a smaller version of the doodle. It’s a strange picture but I might turn it into a painting. I like the way the swirls look like a huge mane. I think I will get my paints out soon! Digital doodling over a photo of a felt pen sketch.


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was Rustic. What to draw for this? I looked up milk churn and tractor tyre on the Internet. I have drawn a churn based on one of the images, but not a direct copy and a part of a tractor wheel from another picture. The vegetation is imagined. Felt pen drawing.


I’m getting some help with my mental health and one of the things I’ve taken up is to do a gratitude diary. Basically you write down three things you are grateful for every day. I do it before bed, and I remember small things that have made me happy during the day. Not big dramatic things (today was a bit of an exception because two things were slightly more important) on other days I’ve included the cat on my lap, or standing in the garden full of flowers.

So why do it? It appears to rewire your brain, cutting down on negative thoughts and turning them positive. I have been advised to do it for at least 28 days. I’m not suggesting anyone else does it, but it’s helping me.


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was column. I’ve layered up sketching, lines and flood fill tools to create some sort of Greek or Roman column. It’s very sketchy and sort of rustic. I might change it and add leaves to it. I haven’t decided yet. Other column ideas were light and newspaper. I wasn’t sure what to do. But it was an interesting experiment.

Profile in digital art

Found my stylus so tried using it on a dotted drawing I did a while ago in ArtRage oils. ArtRage has a metallic slider scale so you can make your drawing look metallic and as it says in the name also has pens that look like oil paint. ArtRage oils is a free app. I actually bought ArtRage which is the full app and it has lots more pens and tools, but I keep forgetting it because its on my tablet, and that’s in a cupboard. Oops! Must get it out and charge it!