What first?

Do you post a picture or the title first? I generally choose a picture to write about then decide on the title. Sometimes there is an ambiguity because my image may have nothing to do with the title or the actual wording of the post.

So why Vinca? It’s a cheery little flower, nice colour, it scrambles over the ground in a green mass and then in spring these lovely, twirly flowers pop up. I just wish I could get it to grow better, but I think our garden is too shady. Also if you look closely the five petals of the flower spiral inwards in a whorl.

As to the question ‘what first?’ it all depends on how I’m feeling, how inspired (or uninspired) I feel.



Such a calming colour. Green in plants is caused by chlorophyll in their leaves as sunlight converts water and air into sugars and starches.

Green, the colour of the Amazon and other forests and jungles. The colour of growing crops and leaves on flowering plants. Cool and tranquil, shady and soft. Then cactuses spiky, full of fluid, green against the rocks of deserts and hot dry lands.

Green means life, it means various other things too. Green for go, green for someone new to a job, green when you feel ill or queasy. Green seaweed, green on trains, the green walking man light on pedestrian crossings. So many things. Green was a livery for different train services. British rail trains used to be green. Even science fiction has green blooded Vulcans and a character called Green Lantern. Green for different alcoholic and fruit drinks. It’s interesting where you can find it.

What would we do without it.