What first?

Do you post a picture or the title first? I generally choose a picture to write about then decide on the title. Sometimes there is an ambiguity because my image may have nothing to do with the title or the actual wording of the post.

So why Vinca? It’s a cheery little flower, nice colour, it scrambles over the ground in a green mass and then in spring these lovely, twirly flowers pop up. I just wish I could get it to grow better, but I think our garden is too shady. Also if you look closely the five petals of the flower spiral inwards in a whorl.

As to the question ‘what first?’ it all depends on how I’m feeling, how inspired (or uninspired) I feel.

9 thoughts on “What first?

  1. Great post! I really enjoyed learning about Vinca and its unique spiral-shaped petals. Your description of how it grows over the ground and pops up in the spring just adds to its charm. I was curious about your creative process: Do you typically choose a picture before deciding on a title or vice versa? Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Pretty periwinkle! Ours are blooming, too. Re titles? I do either first, unless the image already has a title from when I posted on Redbubble. Then I usually title the post with that title. 🤗

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  3. Often enough, I have the entire post written and ready to publish, graphics, blocking, categories, tags, etc., and I sit there pondering a title. And I end up going with whatever title I can get to pop in my head. Probably not the best technique.

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