Another black and white cat?

If you do a line drawing of your cat and you want to fill it in with colour, you don’t have to use black. I’ve used green and red as complementary colours. It’s a very quick sketch and it’s meant to capture the cat without over working it. I think even a little experiment like this can send you off in a new direction.

Drawing outside

Here are coloured pencil drawings I did a few years ago. They are views of church rock at Tenby, Tenby beaches, Tenby Harbour, Laugharne Castle and the boathouse at Laugharne where Dylan Thomas lived.

Tenby and Laugharne are both in the county of Pembrokeshire in South Western Wales. It is a beautiful place. Its known as little England in Wales. It is also the location of Pendine sands. A long flat beach in the Laugharne estuary where several land speed records have been achieved..