picnic time

Nothing nicer when you are travelling to stop off for a break. In this case we were on our way down to Falmouth and stopped off at Tewkesbury Abbey. My friend who runs Ivans_uk_tours.com provided a picnic hamper full of goodies. I want to go on another trip like this. Its great not to have the responsibility of a long drive and to have an itinerary sorted out by us but undertaken by someone else. I kept saying it was like having a butler!


Not something I’ve done for years. But a picnic on a sandy beach was fun. Luckily it was a still day so the sand didn’t get blown into the sandwiches! Salad was tasty with olives, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. A drink of tonic water and orange juice mixed was very refreshing. It was great to use a real picnic basket. I think we will do it again.

Picnic sketch

Oh to be able to go out in warm sunshine. To be able to sit on the ground (I can’t get up if I try and get down). This is a sketch I must have done a few years ago. The picnic blanket colours are probably made up to show up against the grass? The hands are a bit odd, but it is quite a speedy coloured pencil sketch so I guess that’s the cause. I think I was drawing on oil paint paper? It’s got quite a strong texture. You can see how the pencil has got gaps in it where there are dimples in the surface.

Nice memory, can I go back in time please?