Missiles over Ukraine

Russia fired 70 missiles at Ukraine today. 51 were shot down, but 19 got through. One hit a maternity block of a hospital (over 700 medical facilities have been hit during the war). A one day old baby was killed. This is evil.

Electricity has been cut to most of the country and fresh water supplies are running low. A later attack on Kyiv killed at least four people. War does no good, it just makes peoples lives horrible.

Why are the people of Ukraine being hurt like this. Why is Russias president Putin making these people suffer.

It’s over one hundred years since the end of the First World War, the ‘war to end all wars’ and yet throughout the world men continue to wage war on mem women and children. Iranians are beaten and tortured for not wearing headscarves. Other countries treat their populations badly or attack neighbours. Surely it is time to stop fighting. We are humans that should treat others with humanity and the world as the precious planet that is being harmed by humans too.


We saw an airbase within 15 miles of the Polish border hit by cruise missiles today. Eighty one people were killed. Putin Russian madness continues.

Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was connection so I drew our connection with family. I’ve created an imagined bracelet. The family at the bottom is connected too. Like a paper chain. I’ve used Ukraine flag colours. It’s meant to show a connection of countries supporting them.

Bottle oven abstract

I’m writing this because I’m trying to avoid watching the news about Ukraine again. People are dying. Food and water is running short for Ukrainian people. Russians attacking them are not ‘saving’ them. I just want to cry. I will say it, I think Vladimir Putin is evil, or stupid. Or both. Prosecuting a war because he feels bothered by Ukraine wanting to join Nato, when they didn’t have an application in? Why murder people. Why be so appallingly evil. Stop the WAR. I’m just a little person in the UK, I’m unimportant, but I’m disgusted by what is happening.

Madness from Russia


Looking East this morning at the rain I feel sad and worried.

It’s happened. Russia is invading Ukraine. Why? President Putin seems to have become angry with Ukraine getting on with life and decided to try and take it back into a new sort of Soviet Union. However he tries to justify it, it does seem like madness. His troops have even taken over the old chernobil nuclear power station that blew up disastrously (in the 1980’s I think?). Why? If they shell that it could spread nuclear waste across Europe, Ukraine, but also Russia. Why be so mad? Why try and hurt people.

Russia and the West could get on, we could discuss things sensibly, but children, adults, older people are being hurt and killed. Why? What right has one man got to hurt and maim and kill people in a country that he does not control. Perhaps this is more notable to Europeans as it is happening on European soil. It says bad things about us that we neglect what happens in other parts of the World. We leave places to their fate like Syria and Afghanistan. We don’t understand the internal politics and the problems between different factions. How can we deal with anything if we don’t understand. Russias preemptive strikes are frightening and baffling.

Bye bye baubles


After a week of resisting temptations my cat decided to attack the Christmas tree last night. The round, glittery baubles just got too much for her. Before I knew it she was round the back of it and the whole artificial tree was shaking …. Rocking from side to side . Luckily I was next to it as it started to topple. I caught the top of it and hauled it back upright.

Now the tree is denuded of its colourful decorations, left with only a string of fairy lights and a few strips of shiny paper as a reminder that it is not twelfth night yet. I’ll put the lights on again tonight. ….

Hopefully the cat will have no reason to attack it again now the temptation has been removed….