Missiles over Ukraine

Russia fired 70 missiles at Ukraine today. 51 were shot down, but 19 got through. One hit a maternity block of a hospital (over 700 medical facilities have been hit during the war). A one day old baby was killed. This is evil.

Electricity has been cut to most of the country and fresh water supplies are running low. A later attack on Kyiv killed at least four people. War does no good, it just makes peoples lives horrible.

Why are the people of Ukraine being hurt like this. Why is Russias president Putin making these people suffer.

It’s over one hundred years since the end of the First World War, the ‘war to end all wars’ and yet throughout the world men continue to wage war on mem women and children. Iranians are beaten and tortured for not wearing headscarves. Other countries treat their populations badly or attack neighbours. Surely it is time to stop fighting. We are humans that should treat others with humanity and the world as the precious planet that is being harmed by humans too.

Possible power cuts

As the Conservative party in the UK try and decide on a new prime minister there is talk of power cuts in the winter so that there will be enough energy to go around. The talk is about it being cut for three or four hours each afternoon. This is madness! If we need to save energy there should be advice on what to reduce, either by reducing the flow rate on combi boilers, or discussing the merits of part cooking food in a microwave or a slow cooker, or even advising on the energy efficiency of heaters. Of course some of this is moot because if you can’t afford to put your heating on in the first place you can’t make that choice. So, we wait and see who is the next leader, but what about the population who have not been offered the choice?