Flowers at Dorothy Clive Garden today

So many flowers in one place, the Quarry garden at the Dorothy Clive Garden was particularly beautiful. There is a waterfall feature there and the sight of it amongst the Azaleas and Rhodedendrons was lovely. The water cooled the air and the colours in the sunlight were like jewels.

I took far too many photos, I will share more later. There is a laburnum walk which I will post about seperatley.

Finding a calm view


Waterfall at the Dorothy Clive Garden.

This was taken about this time last year. We had driven out to visit the beautiful garden on the border of Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire.

The garden is in a steep slope with colourful flower borders filling the air with scents of summer. But before the summer show I am drawn to the quarry garden at the top of the site. This is filled with flowering rhododendrons, under planted with spring flowers such as bluebells. At its centre is a little dell where a waterfall cascades down into a tranquil pool. You can follow paths up to the top of the waterfall where you will find a full sized bronze stag sculpture looking out magestically over the quarry garden.

Other pleasures include a magnolia walk at the back of the garden, this is behind the quarry at the top of the slope. Here you can see the surrounding countryside.

There is another dry garden, with a laburnum walk arching over the path.

When lockdown ends I think this will be one of the first places I visit.