This is how I went to get my prescription from the supermarket today. I couldn’t see a mask so stuck my head through a new pair of knickers, gave them a twist then put the other leg hole over. Someone in the shop complemented me on the pattern!

Lots of young to middle aged blokes standing chatting together. The security guard asked them if they lived together, one said yes, the other no! One of them kept sitting down and wiping his forehead, like he had a fever! He went to the cash machine. I told the guard, he said oh the cleaners come out and wipe it over every so often.??
I tried using the touchscreen on the self checkout with my wooly gloves, that didn’t work. So had to touch it. I also tried the card reader, but that didn’t work  so had to tap in my pin number.

Then when I came out there were three blokes chatting round the car next to mine… No social distancing….

Anyway, came home and put knickers and gloves in the washing machine. Washed face and hands. Relatively safe but don’t feel safe.

Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails


The other reason why I drew a slug.

I had fetched a takeaway meal from our local Chinese restaurant last night but had to go out for an hour before coming home to eat it with my hubby.

An hour turned into two (as it does), so I came home hungry and ready to eat.

I said hello, and my hubby complained he had lost a bottle of beer. He could remember drinking one but could not find the other bottle. But he proudly said he had made a loaf (he likes making bread). We went in the kitchen and he showed me the bread he has made. So where’s the takeaway I asked, looking in the fridge which was empty. Oh I put that outside to cool down, he said!? What?

He went out and bought the bag in, together with the beer bottle which he had taken out too.

Both had slugs on them!

I’m sorry to say it went in the bin. The little trays the food was in were covered with hungry slugs. The beer was empty, not because he had drunk it, but because he had put some in the bread. I was not a happy person.

Next time I’ve told him to use the fridge!



The sound of disgust in my hubby’s voice as he utters this word. The total hate he has of doing this chore.

What can I do? I’m still sore and hobbling about from falling over on Sunday. I’ve not rested that much, I’ve washed up and cooked food. It’s just I’m still sore. Why doesn’t he understand that I need help? I’m not doing it deliberately. I found a hole in the bathroom door this morning where my head must have hit it! I am struggling to sleep as my side hurts so I’m using pain killing gel. But as I get more mobile I find other bits that hurt.

But shopping? It’s just not a man thing. Or cooking, it’s hard enough to get him to wash up. Antediluvian man!


Bread, yes

Pickled onions, no- spring onions

Pork pie, no-a large block of cheese.

Coffee, no – a bag of spinach

Beetroot, no- 15 eggs

Tomato soup, no – a bottle of wine

Milk, no – pretend butter

Potatoes, no – sliced ham!

Items on the list bought 1. Items not on the list 7!

I give up!