The Croft

Walked across the Croft today, a green lung in our city. Frequented by dog walkers who were out in force today. Its like a patch of common land, open to the public, but the local council wanted to open it up as a housing development. Basically to make money. A lot of people protested but it’s still being discussed as far as I know. It would be sad to lose it.

In some ways it’s like another development, HS2, ancient land and forests and trees being grubbed up for a train line which might knock 30 minutes travel time off the journey between London and Manchester. The tickets are likely to be massively expensive, £250 a time, so only someone on a large salary will be able to afford it. Yet again work to support the prosperous and damage and destroy nature.

HS2 (high speed two) railway

Felled ancient Oak

From Facebook. I decided to share this here to show what stupid ideas our government have. This and many other ancient trees are being cut down because we (our government) wants to build a railway between London and Birmingham and then on to Manchester and Leeds. But the lines won’t go into the city centres, so you will have to travel to the new hub stations. They say it will cut twenty minutes off the journey time between Manchester and London! Wow. And to do this they need straight tracks because fast trains don’t like curves. Well, of course chopping down trees for that MUST be justified! Not that we can actually afford it or have people working in cities anymore.

The Hunningham Oak which is one of the ancient trees nominated for Tree of the Year now felled by HS2!

Thank you to all tree protectors who tried to save this once magnificent tree!

Some of the campaigns include these if you want to get involved….

Save Cubbington Woods – Stop HS2
The Woodland Trust
Save Roald Dahl Woods from HS2


Anti HS2 – SOC (Save our Countryside)
Save the Colne Valley
Xandra Gilchrist

Saving an economy?

IMG_20200416_154522_428What is life worth? when will we see the green shoots of growth?

I’ve seen discussions on line to cancel the trident nuclear deterrent and maybe HS2, which is a high speed railway line that could take you from Leeds to London twenty minutes faster. These are huge projects in Britain that have been voted for by the government. But surely we should spend the money we have on improving the environment? Think about it. After all, people can hold on line meetings now instead of commuting.  The work day could be 9 till 5, no more early starts and late finishes because of travelling to work and kids will get to see more of their parents. And why would we want to bomb people? The virus is causing enough deaths as it is.

When you think about it, the world has had a chance to rest. So instead of going back to normal, chasing greed and growth, let’s give ourselves a chance and a rest.