Saving an economy?

IMG_20200416_154522_428What is life worth? when will we see the green shoots of growth?

I’ve seen discussions on line to cancel the trident nuclear deterrent and maybe HS2, which is a high speed railway line that could take you from Leeds to London twenty minutes faster. These are huge projects in Britain that have been voted for by the government. But surely we should spend the money we have on improving the environment? Think about it. After all, people can hold on line meetings now instead of commuting.  The work day could be 9 till 5, no more early starts and late finishes because of travelling to work and kids will get to see more of their parents. And why would we want to bomb people? The virus is causing enough deaths as it is.

When you think about it, the world has had a chance to rest. So instead of going back to normal, chasing greed and growth, let’s give ourselves a chance and a rest.


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