Received from space? Old photo mirrored. The original photo was about a stormy sky but the effect of mirroring this has bought the attention to the (seemingly) floating TV Ariel.

What is it for? Is it an alien Ariel? A communication from beyond the stratosphere? An energy collector or scrambler of radio waves? Something from a Sci-fi movie. Could it tune in to the high pitched sounds of bats? Imagination can take you anywhere!

Pigeon take off…..

As I pressed the shutter on my phone this pigeon was sitting sweetly on the TV Ariel, but it took a short while for the shutter to click, so it was in mid flight by the time I had snapped it. At least I caught the downward beat of its wings. Tail splayed to give it lift. Where it fluttered from its erch I don’t know. I was just checking my phone screen to see what I’d managed to capture. Photo taken at Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent, today. Mostly blue skies and not too cold.

Last day of this challenge.


Ariel birds! These were visiting our bird feeder today. I only got a glimpse so I added the flying one from a photo. Can’t tell you what these are they are all I could draw, but the one on the feeder was a bluetit. But I couldn’t get the details quick enough….. This is the last of this challenge. This was day 38. The last of the current challenge. We may be moving on to a list of prompts every other day to keep going….

I have to say this has made me look at things differently and made me realise I can draw a lot of things, although my straight lines are a bit wobbly!

What to do when your digital signal breaks up?

This is a weird solution, thanks to my hubby. We have a set top ariel because there is a large building across the road with a metal covering. So we have found that we don’t need a TV ariel on the roof. We have hung it up by the curtains to get a stronger signal. With it there we have a good enough signal to get most channels.

But when the weather is clear, or we have high pressure it effects the TV. On a few channels the picture breaks up into lots of little squares and patterns.

What to do? First he wiggled the ariel about, then when that didn’t work he held a saucepan up with the idea that the metal of the pan would boost the signal – and it did! Now there is a saucepan hanging off the ariel now. Its a temporary solution. I don’t want it falling off and hitting the television! I might get a better ariel.