What to do when your digital signal breaks up?

This is a weird solution, thanks to my hubby. We have a set top ariel because there is a large building across the road with a metal covering. So we have found that we don’t need a TV ariel on the roof. We have hung it up by the curtains to get a stronger signal. With it there we have a good enough signal to get most channels.

But when the weather is clear, or we have high pressure it effects the TV. On a few channels the picture breaks up into lots of little squares and patterns.

What to do? First he wiggled the ariel about, then when that didn’t work he held a saucepan up with the idea that the metal of the pan would boost the signal – and it did! Now there is a saucepan hanging off the ariel now. Its a temporary solution. I don’t want it falling off and hitting the television! I might get a better ariel.

Thumbs up


Silly drawing, but where does the phrase come from….? People use this symbol to mean they agree with you, or to ‘thumb a lift’ when they are hitch hiking… Thumbs have been raised for decades. There was a TV programme in the seventies where the main character would put his thumbs up to show he was happy. Even Facebook uses it as their like symbol. So where does it spring from? Anyone know?