Passion flower

Suddenly there was a passionflower in the garden. She didn’t know where it had come from. Could it have been planted there by a bird? A squirrel? She knew she hadn’t planted it… At least she thought she knew…

A week later she was pottering in the yard. A beautiful lily caught her eye. Again she racked her mind, thought back to spring? It might have been in a bag of bulbs she had bought? It was early autumn. Too long ago to remember.

Over the next few weeks new plants appeared in her borders. Beautiful flowers and plants. Expensive plants. The gate was locked at night, and she only went out occasionally in the day. Was she being stalked…?

The revelation of who was doing the planting came late one Friday evening. She was having a drink with an old school friend. As she sipped her red wine she told her about the plants popping up in the garden.

Her friend blushed and smiled. Oh dear, she said. I’d better tell you. My garden is full, too full. I decided to spread plants out to my friends gardens, you, Jackie, Maude and Sisley.

Well it started as a bit of a joke, but once I realised I could push through the hedge down the bottom of the garden? Well I just kept coming back. I hope you enjoyed the plants? I should stop!

Don’t you dare! I love them. I was spooked, but now I appreciate the surprise. Thank you. Keep going, its fun.


I’ve duplicated this image multiplying it by four to extend the pattern. It’s another older painting. I think I was channelling Georgia O’keefe when I painted it. It is acrylic on canvas. FB_IMG_1568676663736

I was given a book about her art as a birthday present. Sadly the book was damaged when I spilt a mug of coffee over it. It’s only a small, square paperback and now some of the images are stuck together.

O’keefe was controversial as an artist. Some of her art was seen as erotic even though she was painting flowers. I am more interested in her use of colour and blending techniques. Her work is beautiful and striking.

My painting of lilies is also slightly based on images from the start if the twentieth century. I do like art nouveau. I was also trying to use fresh colours rather than a more realistic background.