Paper cutting

I always like to make paper cut snowflakes at Christmas. I did a few a couple of years ago. I always fold my paper into six so that you get a six sided shape. To do this I fold the paper in half, then fold about a third over at an angle, so you have the same amount on either side, then fold the last third over the other two. You end up with a pointed end, and the other end has different shaped areas. Then you need to cut off the excess so that you have a hexagonal shape. Cut patterns through the foldes sides to make a lace like pattern, unfold. (The paper might stick together and rip) Be careful. Flatten the paper out and put up on windows or hang of shelves to decorate. Fun for children but make sure scissors are safe and have rounded ends.

Art idea


What to do with our art group?  The other one I’m part of is doing a Cezanne project based on a still life. Each of us chooses a square (1 of 9) So I wondered if we could do the same in the other group? But we have decided to do hexagons and include our own ideas inside them. I’m looking forward to what people create. Then I will have to stitch them together, maybe in photoshop.

Doing art in lockdown has ket my mind on track. Being in groups of artists challenges me to do different things. It helps my practice, and helps me learn.