Gone fishing

We came home yesterday through North Wales. Llangollen to St Asaph, along the A55 where we witnessed a car fire right in front of us. There was a sudden cloud of white smoke, then flames from a tyre. A man and a young girl jumped out onto the hard shoulder while I slalomed to get around cars and a van who pulled up sharply. I checked the Internet last night and it mentioned the resulting tailback of traffic was miles long. I’m glad they seemed to be safe.  But on with the trip. From St Asaph there are lots of winding roads and  eventually – a steep winding hill and stopping off at a  cafe at Llandegla fishery. There we had trout salad and strawberry and cream. Afterwards we decided to have a go at fishing. Not something either of us do. I was happy we were using a rod with a barb less hook and sweetcorn for bait.

Thankfully no fish were harmed. We both got a nibble but gladly neither of us caught anything.

We then drove back via Wrexham and Nantwich. As we got into the Midlands the clouds gathered and the humidity increased.

Neither of us wanted to do anything today but we went out and put up a little exhibition for the day. Now my skin is burning, still feeling the hot sun from our short break.

Llandegla fishery

Up in the hills between Ruthin and Wrexham in north wales is a little fishery called Llandegla. Its almost at the top of the hill  before you get to the top then drop down into Wrexham, on the road, on the left hand side ( there is another fishery further down the road on a side road).

There’s a cafe and camp site for small caravans in the grounds of the fishery and the opportunity to catch fish if you want (Vegetarians look away now).

We had lunch there, hot smoked trout with new potatos and mixed leaf salad, which was delicious.

I kept up my habit of sketching, and did a few pictures, one of them I gave away because a boy there was interested in doing art.

So day trips continue, where will we go tomorrow?