Last two days sketching in Wales…

The first one is various daisy flowers, cone flowers, asters and grasses in the fountain flower bed at Bodnant Garden.

Then there is a drawing of pine trees and evergreens. Waterplants and other species. With an added Robin, along pools and a stream, at Bodnant.

The third is my hubby walking on the beach at Prestatyn this morning. He was trying to fly a balsa wood plane in drizzle and rain….

Finally, sitting in the car looking at Llandegla Forest this afternoon. Door open, just while I was waiting for my hubby.

Llandegla fishery

Up in the hills between Ruthin and Wrexham in north wales is a little fishery called Llandegla. Its almost at the top of the hillĀ  before you get to the top then drop down into Wrexham, on the road, on the left hand side ( there is another fishery further down the road on a side road).

There’s a cafe and camp site for small caravans in the grounds of the fishery and the opportunity to catch fish if you want (Vegetarians look away now).

We had lunch there, hot smoked trout with new potatos and mixed leaf salad, which was delicious.

I kept up my habit of sketching, and did a few pictures, one of them I gave away because a boy there was interested in doing art.

So day trips continue, where will we go tomorrow?