Jetpack installed!

Installing jetpack was OK but sorting my phone storage out first was the problem. I felt like I was launching my phone at the moon, without a rocket to take it. I knew I would need to free up space as currently my phone is 85% full. But what to uninstall? Which apps are crucial to my phone running properly and which could I delete? I randomly chose a few I rarely use. I still need to upgrade my memory but my phone shop didn’t have the right chip in and needs to order them in. So my dilemma (and I was catastrophising I think) was would things work after I did it. Well clearly it did, but jetpack took a while to install, probably due to the amount of data it had to bring over.

Well I’ve done it. I don’t like the look of it. That’s just because I’m used to the old site. I felt sad uninstalling WordPress, it feels like I have cut ties with it. It’s strange how you become invested in something so ephemeral as a computer app. I hope I get used to this. X

Deleting photos off my phone!

Too many

When you have over 8000 photos on your phone it’s time to downsize. I decided to use a cleaning app and optimise my images. I’ve done a few hundred before, but feeling optimistic I decided to do 4000!

Mistake. I decided to delete the originals as a lot of them are megabit or high kilobits sizes. Plus I don’t really want to store things on the cloud. It started well, but I found that sometimes I’m getting messages ‘could not delete, please try again’. I’m going back in months, and sometimes the black deleted files are in blocks, other times in a checkerboard pattern. It reminds me of defragging my computer years ago.. Does anyone even do that anymore?

Anyway, back to work…