Deleting photos!

Too many photos on my phone. My phone memory is at 85% and my SD card is almost full… My WordPress account is around 92% full, mostly I think because I try and post my own artwork here and not to use images off the net.

I need to seriously declutter. I think I will save things to the cloud. But sorting out what to keep? I’m just having a deleting frenzy!

So if you come across a post with words but no picture, I’m sorry but I’ve probably deleted it (getting rid of duplicates or blurry, poor quality images). So now you know


Deleting photos off my phone!

Too many

When you have over 8000 photos on your phone it’s time to downsize. I decided to use a cleaning app and optimise my images. I’ve done a few hundred before, but feeling optimistic I decided to do 4000!

Mistake. I decided to delete the originals as a lot of them are megabit or high kilobits sizes. Plus I don’t really want to store things on the cloud. It started well, but I found that sometimes I’m getting messages ‘could not delete, please try again’. I’m going back in months, and sometimes the black deleted files are in blocks, other times in a checkerboard pattern. It reminds me of defragging my computer years ago.. Does anyone even do that anymore?

Anyway, back to work…