Dragon illustrations

Image from a book of beasts and monsters

For my final college report I’m looking at the history of the depictions of dragons (OK very niche). I’m trying to understand how they were illustrated and how they change across the world. I’ve found out Korean dragons have five toes, Chinese four or five and Japanese three toes. They have different shapes. They go from serpentine to with two or four legs. No wings or wings. Some are fire-breathing. They may be mythical but they seem to evolve.


Eerie multiple photo. If I was describing it to someone I would say it looks almost human, but it could be some strange concoction of a scent hunter. The noses look weird because they are wider than normal, and the eyes are tiny and embedded into the facial flesh. It could almost be part of a bestiary. I have found a few images in them that are quite amazing and also bizarre, but I think this could almost fit in with the criteria of one of them. X