Baked beans

I went to buy a few groceries today and was shocked at the price of a branded can of beans. £1.45! The shops own brand was 36 pence a whole £1.09 less. So the most expensive can was four times more !

This is madness, the food you buy is costing more and more. But why should something cost that much more. I wonder how much more they will charge if they can. How much is because of limited stock, the cost of delivery, manufacture or because of making profit from people who can’t afford the increasing cost. This would be difficult to determine, except for the cheapness of the other can!

Friends bean and tomato plants.

Visited a friend who has some bean plants growing and some tomato plants.

I was jealous, my tomatoes only have a couple of fruits on them. And we don’t have any beans. But I admire her ability to grow them. It’s good to go out and visit people at a distance. It’s better than sitti g in my house. I still wear a mask even if I’m outside. That made it hard to have a glass of elderflower cordial so I relented because I was thirsty and we kept a good six feet apart. Now I’m back home in the cool. It was 36° C in places today. The hottest August day since 2003, and it’s forecast to get hotter!

Lunch in odd times

DSC_2553Baked beans and sweetcorn with added hot curry powder and breaded chicken fingers.

It’s not what I would normally cook for a meal, but it was definitely filling.

Not much else to say about it, except the sweetcorn was frozen. I served it on pretty Portmeirion pottery plates.

Well, I don’t think I’ll say anything more except it was orange coloured! I guess I could do a series of pictures of different coloured food combinations, green cabbage and brocolli maybe, with  green cheese sauce?

Perhaps not!