I took this photo of Thai figures and Buddha in the Thai restaurant we go to. They looked friendly and warm. The way they are placed in traditional dancing poses must give the owner good memories of where she came from. Dressed in beautiful clothes, with high hats. We need more variety in the world. We should not be scared of what is different, whether it’s skin colour, or sexuality or gender or size or shape or mind. These figures show that life is fascinating and fantastic should we care to share it.



Having a good meal at the local Thai restaurant in Stoke. Sawadee Thai taste. I noticed how the Buddha there was beautifully decorated. Such a warm friendly atmosphere. I like the coloured garlands round his neck and the shiny baubles balanced on his knees. Buddhas seem to look so relaxed, calm, kind.

The food was lovely. The owner always cooks tasty meals, we really enjoyed it. This hadn’t meant to be a restaurant review..

The Buddha might get his portrait painted!!

Thai food


The restaurant where we have Thai food is friendly and interesting. Over the years we have got to know the restaurantier well and she cooks the food we like.

It’s lovely to be welcomed back and feel that we have made a friend. It has now become a situation where I won’t post on trip advisor because you are not supposed to be friends with the restaurant. Its hard not to put on a review because the food is really good, but I follow rules and don’t like breaking them.

One thing that does bother me is when people reserve a table and then don’t turn up. They don’t always ring to cancel. There have also been occasions where they order take aways then don’t collect.

Having spoken to the owner of the restaurant it does seem that some people don’t like her being there because she is foreign. I think their behaviour is wrong. She is a talented cook and she should be allowed to go about her business without having such problems.

I do feel ashamed of people in this country because we are not always fair.