Boxing day Thai

We were invited out to a friends birthday tonight at our local Thai restaurant. I’m afraid we didn’t do the food justice as we ate too much yesterday. But it was great not having to cook dinner. We had mixed starters of Thai fish cakes, chicken wings, muscles, squid and other tasty morsels. Then I had a yellow curry with seafood and my hubby had a beef red curry. We also had noodles. I’m stuffed! Its good to have a variety of different foods to eat.

Thai again

The trouble with having food at Sawadee Thai taste in Stoke is that I eat the food before I think of taking a photo of it. Today I had some noodles with king prawns and pak choi for lunch. Very tasty. The owner is a lady called Apple who is very friendly and helpful. It’s worth a visit if you want to taste Thai food, and it’s not expensive.

Thai tea

We just had a lovely takeaway from Sawadee Thai Taste in Stoke. Beautiful Thai fish cakes and spare ribs followed by Thai green curry with beef and duck.

I’m a fan of foreign food. There is a wide choice of food in Stoke, Japanese, Chinese, Jamaican, Thai, English, Indian and then Greek and Italian further afield. I think it’s good that the community can embrace different cultures. Maybe at the moment there is a bit of a hiatus, but hopefully that creativity will expand again in the next few months…

Thai taste

Delightful starters, tasty mains. We really enjoyed the evening meal at the local Thai restaurant. We had Thai fishcakes and spare ribs, then I had glass noodles and seafood with mushrooms and vegetables. Hubby had a hot beef green curry and sticky rice. It was a lovely evening, with a friendly waitress. The only thing that spoiled it was I had a couple of Gin and tonics and wasn’t driving so we had to dash home on foot because it started to rain and we’ve just had a bit of thunder and lightening.

In other news I think England may have beaten someone at football, but I’m not interested. There was an awful lot of shouting as we made our way home.

Thai birthday takeaway

We had a takeaway meal for my hubby’s birthday. Thai green curry with beef and I had a yellow curry with seafood.

We also had a papaya salad and some egg fried rice and Thai fishcakes for starters.

Sawadee Thai taste in Stoke has a friendly host who ensures lovely food. I can’t wait for the restaurant to open up again


Tea tonight, Thai salad

I went out to our local Thai restaurant, Sawadee Thai taste in Stoke and had a Green Papaya salad with seafood. It was extremely tasty. We also had thin rice noodles with some chilli’s and mixed vegetables. This is the third time I’ve had it because it tastes so nice. I would have taken a photo but I’d eaten the food before I thought about it.

Green papaya seafood salad

Green papaya salad

Went out for a belated birthday meal, everywhere has been shut down for months except for takeaways.

We had simple starters including small vegetable spring rolls, chicken wings, small spare ribs, satay chicken and chicken dumplings. Then I had a papaya seafood salad. It was delicious, spicy, lime and lemony, mixed green papaya and shredded carrot and sliced tomato and cucumber and other vegetables. Also a pile of spicy noodles and beansprouts, broccoli and other veg. The seafood were large king prawns, squid, and mussels. So tasty. Good prices too. Not to expensive, all cooked fresh.

Tonight was busy, I don’t think I’ve seen so many people in there for ages but it was worth the wait.

Friends Thai Restaurant..


Just drawn this sign for my friends Thai Restaurant. Sawadee Thai Taste in Stoke-on-Trent. She has a hand written sign in biro saying she is doing take away. But no one can see it. So while I go and collect a meal I’m going to drop this off.

I think in these stressful times it’s important to help out, even though this is only a little help…

So many small local businesses are going to close with the virus impacting on them. I want to support what I can.