Thai again

The trouble with having food at Sawadee Thai taste in Stoke is that I eat the food before I think of taking a photo of it. Today I had some noodles with king prawns and pak choi for lunch. Very tasty. The owner is a lady called Apple who is very friendly and helpful. It’s worth a visit if you want to taste Thai food, and it’s not expensive.

Lazy Curry


I’m tired and want something quick for tea. I’ve got a few old mushrooms, some king prawns and some baby corn. I’m frying it up with a bit of curry powder.

Then…. I’m going to boil some water and add it to a couple of curry pot noodle things. Once that’s ready I will decant it into a bowl and add the prawn mushroom and baby corn topping…. Noodles with a twist!DSC_0594