Combining drawing apps


The first three drawings are based on a drawing done in a kaleidoscope app. Then I changed them in picsart using the stretch/spiral tool and then the colour curves tool which allows you to change the hues and tones.

The fourth drawing background was done in ArtRage oils which is a free Google play store app. It was then drawn over with sketcher free which allows you to draw with different brushes. I used the ribbon option to draw a masklike face. The fifth drawing was a quick sketch of a face, drawn in a sketching app. In this case I used picsarts colour curves to change the levels of colour, then a stretching app to change the shapes. Finally I used a tool to create an embossed feel and then the mask option to layer up lighting effects.

I’m using my phone a lot of the time and I tend to forget there are more options on my tablet. Then today I realised that there was a drop down menu on the masks option, so I found a whole new section of the app to play with.

What I guess I’m saying is don’t be afraid to play with drawing apps, you learn more when you do, and you can come up with some really interesting ideas.

I used digital art as a sketchbook. I may not use it in the analogue world of oainting, but it fascinates me.



I’ve had a really busy day so I haven’t had time to do much on line. Just been rehearsing again.

Anyway just for fun I bought a kaleidoscope last week. Instead of using a digital app this is a real tube with bits of plastic in the end. You turn the end of the tube and the bits move about and the pattern changes.

So I stuck the lens of the camera against the eyepiece and took photos… These are the results. Fun to see patterns that I last saw when I was 6 or 7.

Reminisence is something you do more as you get older.