Cat painting

Sometimes I go a little abstract, and then I particularly like adding flowing lines and spirals. I guess I’m a pattern lover. This cat painting is acrylic on canvas. I did it in 2008. I do remember painting it but I don’t know if it was ever exhibited, I think perhaps I should have an archive but I never got round to it. I think I can see a hint of of illustration ideas in this. But then Ive always been disorganised. I am thinking of setting up a new webpage which will only be for illustrations so that I can add images that might be for sale, or look into doing tee shirt designs. I’ve heard of places like Redbubble , Spoonflower or Square, is anyone familiar with them?

Tig remembered

Tig was a handsome cat and very friendly. We loved him very dearly. I did this painting of him in about 2011. It’s just come up on my Facebook timeline.

We had Tig for a couple of years. He came and stole the other cat’s food and gradually moved in with us. The only thing he was scared of was The window cleaner, as soon as he heard him, he was out through the cat flap and away.

He was young and healthy and did mad things. I don’t have the pictures but I drew a series of cartoons of him on a website called and called them the adventures of Tig.

One Wednesday he ran off as usual when the window cleaner arrived. But he did not come back that afternoon or night. I called and called but there was no sign of him. In the morning my partner went out looking for him while I got ready for work. He found Tigs body in the alleyway. We think he had drunk something, perhaps antifreeze that had poisoned him. There were garages nearby.

I couldn’t go to work that day. My grief was too much. I’m glad I painted him.