Online lecture

Just watched a lecture by one of our fellow students. It was fascinating to watch. About watercolour and ink and how to use it. She showed us how to use salt and also cling film to add texture, masking fluid to preserve white areas and glue mixed with paint and ink to created textured backgrounds. I will certainly have a go at using some of them.

She also showed us her sketchbooks, she mainly does abstract work, but also does realistic work, (she showed us a lovely painting of a friends dog). It’s great that students are adding to the teaching experience at college….


I’m working on a background to place my four images on fro my illustration course.


I will be cutting this up into four. I think the cat and the man will be at the bottom and the tree and the house at the top. My idea is that it will be November fifth. Bonfire night. The man is looking for the cat, which is scared. The house and the tree are going to be at the top. I will then colour round the blobs in black so that it’s nighttime. I might use fine liner pens to make the background black but with texture…

Got to decide portrait or landscape? What do you think?


Finished Friday


I finished this painting of the old Methodist Chapel in Penkhull. I added some details including cobblestones reflecting the sky colours. The Chapel was built in 1836 about six years before the church was built on the top of the hill. Then of course I started something new.


This is a large image of a willow pattern platter. I’m a bit further on with it than this. I think I won’t be able to finish it till next week.

After this I went to sing at the church for the One night only show.