Batik yin yang cats

I went to a Batik workshop about three years ago when I first got my studio at Spode. I’d never done it before, but basically we used hot liquid wax as a resist to dyes. When you paint coloured dyes over the pattern you make, the colours are not absorbed into the cloth or canvas where the wax had been painted. Then you have to het a hot iron and paper and iron the wax out with the paper between the cloth and the iron so the wax gets absorbed into the paper. There is probably a clearer way of explaining, but as I say I only went to one workshop. My friend made this heavy frame for the yin yang cats. There is glass in it to protect the fabric. I was rather pleased with the result.

One word to describe my Art? “Eclectic”

Some artists have a theme they keep to, they will always paint birds or sculpt bodies, or even unmake beds.

I cannot do that, my mind jumps all over the place.  I usually paint in acrylics, but have also painted scenery, made props for plays, made pottery. I take reasonable photographs.  I recently crocheted blue squares and circles for a friends installation. I have painted murals, drawn in the sand on beaches, done digital art… I am eclectic.

Give me something to make a mark and something sparks in my brain, like a fire, and it won’t easily go out. The more I do the more I feel I can and should do better.

Isn’t it mad how a grey lump of stuff in your head can make you create?  Some people write, others make music. Something in my mind is very visual. I wish I knew more about how the mind works to explain mine. It must be something to do with memory and hand eye co-ordination. I started drawing at about 4 and I haven’t really stopped since.

So I have posted a few more pictures,  not all good, but its hard to search through so many images to find representative work.

If you want to draw, paint or create art, don’t hesitate, do it. The more you do the better you get. Practice helps, you can learn new techniques. Just don’t be afraid to try!